Eight Things You Didn’t Know about Amazon Prime

Penny-Wise LogoIf you’re a regular online shopper with Amazon.com you’ve likely heard someone sing the praises of Amazon Prime, Amazon’s annual subscription service allows for reduced shipping costs, access to the streaming video library and a host of other benefits you’ll take months or years to discover. (I’ve been a Prime subscriber for years, and I’m only just learning this stuff!)
1. You can Share Your Amazon Prime Membership! Share with up to four members of your household. Yes, really!  You’ll need the other party’s birthday, name and indicate their relationship.

2. Amazon.com has a  Kindle Owner’s Lending Library! If you own a Kindle, you can borrow books from the Kindle library. There is a limit though on how many per month.  Note that your local public library may have an additional digital library to supplement your digital reading habits.

3. Sometimes you’ll get a promotional credit for choosing the “no rush” delivery.  Sure, if you see 2-day shipping for free, why not select it? However, if you truly aren’t in a rush, you’ll get some money back on your purchase when you select the “no rush” option.  (I do this when I order replacement filters for my aquarium).

4. Amazon Student is available at a reduced rate for four years, but Amazon Student members don’t get all the instant video features.  So get back to the books ya’ll… you can still order Red Bull by the Case, but don’t need the distraction of endless re-runs of Top Gear and Doctor Who. (Yes, Amazon streaming has Dr. Who!)   For more  Amazon Student.

5. Release-Day Delivery.  If you’re anxiously awaiting a video game, tech item, movie or book, pre-order it with Prime, and it will arrive on the release date–no more waiting in lines! I may have attended a couple of Harry Potter release events in my day… and not sitting in a bookstore full of sticky middle-schoolers at midnight is pretty darn appealing… In fact, the last HP book is why I signed up for Prime.

6. You can Give the Gift of Prime.  Make your loved one a member for a year.  Prime membership makes a great Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Graduation gift!

7. Amazon Mom is a  Prime membership that gives caretakers of small children. Amazon Mom is a short-term program offered at a reduced rate,  and offers fast free shipping, and 25% off diapers and wipes, plus 30 days of instant video, and lots of promotions geared towards parents. Amazon Mom Terms (This is also a great place to employ the “subscribe and save” features–for instance–diapers!

8. Amazon is so confident you’ll love it–they let you try it for free. Get your Amazon Prime Free Trial

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links back to Amazon.com but is not written, or directed by Amazon.com.  You can find all of the same information by directly searching the same topics in Amazon’s Prime membership FAQs.