{Review} Natural Dynamix Kids Vitamins

VitaminsDisclosure: I was asked to review this product, and was given samples of the product, but have received no other compensation. 

I was contacted last week by a rep for Natural Dynamix to review their children’s vitamins “Gummy Cuties by Natural Dynamix” and was surprised to receive the samples about two days later in the mail (that’s fast!).

We were shipped the Calcium/Vitamin D Cuties and the Omega 3 DHA/EPA (fish oil) cuties.

This was fantastic because our kids actually take both supplements, and if you’ve ever purchased either kind of supplement, you know they cost a pretty penny, and even in chewable form, sometiems it’s hard to get kids to take them!

Here’s our family’s thoughts on them.

1.  We ALL love gummy vitamins.  These have great flavor and texture.  They’re made with glucose, but not modified corn syrup. (It still might be corn glucose, but not the chemical-ized version).  I have a sensetivity to corn products, and these didn’t upset my stomach at all.   They’re also made with natural food colors, not artificial red dyes, which really seem to mess with our daughter’s ADHD medications.

2. The Omega 3 supplements didn’t taste fishy at all, every other Omega 3 we’ve tried had a fishy taste.

3. Perhaps the first truly tasty calcium chewable.  Usually they’re chalky and sticky.  These were a little chewier than the other vitamins, but not unpleasant.

4. No gluten, yeast, dairy, egg, soy, tree nuts, shellfish, salicylates, or peanuts. Yahoo!

5. Reasonable Prices (Shop for Gummy Cuties)

  • Calcium with Vitamin D $14.99/60 tabs.
  • Omega-3 DHA/EPA  $15.99
  • Multi-Vitamin $13.99
  • Echinacea with Vitamin C and Zinc $13.99


Here’s my only complaint. 

The child dose for these vitamins  is two chewables of each, but for children more than four years old dose is four gummies.  This means the typical jar of gummies for a child over four years old lasts just 15 days.  These have a good flavor, no spooky ingredients, and reasonable price, but I’d have to buy eight bottles of each, every month to use them for the whole family.   (My husband and I, and the two kids). Keeping everyone on the same vitamins is just much simpler.  Besides…. someone in my house will always raid the kids’ gummy vitamins if he’s out.  I really hope that they start making these in larger containers.


Overall, I think it’s a great product, and would happily use it again.


If you’d like to learn more about Natural Dynamix, you can find them on the web here, and also on Facebook, or Twitter.