2013 Resolutions

I went out today and did something very un-frugal.  I had my feet fit for custom running shoes and insoles.  After loosing 35 pounds this year, my shoes don’t fit properly and my gait has changed. As much as this is a nice thing, my muscles aren’t adapted to carry my lighter weight, so I have had hip, leg and back pain as a result.  My plan is to loose yet more weight this year (hopefully in a less-accidental way), so I wanted to be prepared and to prevent injury.  These are hands-down the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had.  Totally worth the hour and a half fitting time, and the price, especially if I use them as intended.  (Besides, I can use the insoles in my hockey skates!)

So, as for resolutions–I do make them.  And I revisit them frequently through the year.  I don’t stick to them all.  I also don’t attempt to adopt all new habits at once. I try to phase a few in over the year. (For instance  I didn’t work on my fitness goals last year until after I’d gotten back from Africa, as the planning/fundraising was consuming every spare second in early 2012).


Here’s my list for 2013.

1. Pay off remaining debt (About 1/10th of where we were four years ago).  (Goal timeline, end of Feb) Tracking progress on SavvyMoney.

2. Work on my general health–maintaining my gluten-free diet, loosing weight, improving activity.  Goal–Run/walk 15 miles per week.  I’ll use Runkeeper for tracking  that.

3. Knock out an emergency fund (Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step #3) By November I hope.

4. Take that 10th Wedding Anniversary Cruise that we’ve been talking about since year 1. (Alaska!)

5. Create a long-term plan for my business.  Grow/Sell/or Change.  (Current business plan will work for about another three years).

6. Make time for writing.  I started my business so I could write more, but then I got caught up in the business of being in business… and I let it drive me.  Time to turn the tables.

7. Get back to music.  This is a family goal–I was raised in a musical household, but we haven’t pushed that for our kids. This year, I think they’ll be taking up piano lessons, and I’ll perhaps take some refresher lessons.

8. Streamline my digital world.  Social media, email accounts, calendars, etc. all need to be tamed.

9. Start following the news.  Podcasts, newspapers or ANYTHING.  I disconnected about four years ago when the kids were being stressed out by TV news.  But as a responsible adult, I’m beginning to feel too disconnected. Just because news isn’t good for the kids, doesn’t mean I can continue on in blissful ignorance.

That’s enough for now, don’t you think?

What do you think? Do you make resolutions? Do you stick with them?