Can we help bring her home? Plus: Share to win a quilt!


Best friends Tizita and Rahel in the orphanage 2009

Take a seat and let me tell you a story.  It’s a sweet story, you won’t regret the time.

You see, once upon a time (2009) there were four little girls in an orphanage in Ethiopia. All were pre-teen girls, who tend to wait a long time for adoptions.  Two of the girls were adopted by my friend Jan.  However, her daughter,s Selam and Tizita, each left behind their best friend.   For a very long time they had no contact, except for occasional letters passed through volunteers traveling between the orphanage and the states.

Two years ago, Jan started the process to reunite her girls with their best friends, by adopting them. She knew that the adoptions faced challenges, the adoption slowdown in Ethiopia threatened her ability to get either girl home by their 16th birthday (visas are not issued for kids over 16 for adoption).   Regardless she asked to adopt Amina (Selam’s best friend) and Rahel (Tizita’s best friend, but  both both girls had incomplete files, and the clock was ticking.  Despite many struggles and roadblocks, both girls’ adoptions approved, one in July, and one in December, which means that Jan has to make four trips to Ethiopia in just six short months.

This flash-fundraiser is to raise $2,000 to help Tizita  travel to Ethiopia to help bring her best friend (now sister) home from Ethiopia.  The funds need to be raised very quickly, so I’m setting a goal for  one week–with an end-date of 1/23 as Jan has to be in-country by the first week of February. 

We’re trying to raise $2,000 to help re-unite these girls.

If you are wiling to donate airline miles (Delta/KLM), please contact me at and I’ll get you the information you need for the transfer.

Would you help us spread the word?  Please share this post, and comment to let us know you have (in the comments) –we’ll enter you in a drawing for a beautiful quilt that was donated. We’ll draw for the winner next Thursday using 


Cranes and Peace shadowbox quilt.

Cranes and Peace shadowbox quilt.

  • Semihail

    Good luck!

  • Karen M

    I wish I could do more, but I did share it on my facebook page. I am also praying for the reunification of these beautiful girls. If I am “drawn” for the quilt, please gift it back to the family for me. 

  • Leslie

    I shared the post and am happy for them!