Day 29: Tame the water bill

Our condo association pays our water bill, but reducing water use is an environmentally sound thing to do, so we try our best anyhow.

Here’s a few ways to reduce water consumption:

  1. Upgrade your toilet to a low flow version. Old homes may need as much as 3 gallons per flush to clear the waste through the pipes, but if your home was built after the 1960s, you might be able to upgrade into a 1.5 gallon toilet. Most old toilets require five gallons per flush. You can also try adjusting the screw on the float of your toilet, which is located inside the back cabinet part of the toilet. If you make the float longer, less water will be needed per flush.
  2. Water your plants and garden with dishwater or bathwater. (Our plants love this!)
  3. Install low-flow shower heads and aerators for your taps. Our utility company sent these to us (with installation kits) for free earlier this year. Adding a low-flow shower head install in our oldest daughter’s bathroom was a great “dad and daughter” home improvement project—and since our daughter prefers her “rock star” showers, I’m sure this has cut the energy and water consumption dramatically!