How To Find an Affordable Piano

Piano Keyboard

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Believe it or not, twice this month, I’ve been called upon to find a piano. And twice this month I’ve delivered. I know you want to know how I did it.

In my day job, I’m a real estate agent.

True, a real estate career doesn’t make me a de facto  musical expert.  It does however, give me access to a large number of people who need to move large heavy items quickly.

I’m routinely called upon to help sell or buy:

1. Large furniture items.

2. Storage units/parking spaces.

3. Pianos, Entertainment Centers, and other large furniture items.

4. Construction and home maintenance services.

5. Junk cars/boats/trailers, etc.

If you’re looking for a piano (or similar large, difficult to move, or heavy item) right now, consider checking in with your real estate agent.

If you don’t have a real estate agent that you currently identify with, I can refer you to someone in your area (drop me a line, comment, etc).  Ideally, you’ll find a high-volume agent in your metro area who works in a large office that communicates well.

Last week when a client of mine needed to sell and move her piano quickly, I posted to the office intranet and had several prospective buyers, but ultimately found a buyer within my own active client list, all within 48 hours.  The piano was ultimately moved out of the house two days later, at a price that left my client satisfied, and the buyer also happy!

Don’t know how to move a piano? Never fear, your agent will absolutely know a mover for that!

But what will the agent charge?

Your real estate agent shouldn’t charge you anything for this service. Connecting clients to vendors/providers/community members is typically an agent’s pride and joy, so don’t expect to be charged for this sort of service.  Most of us enjoy an opportunity to connect/serve clients, and it’s worth a phone call or two to make that happen.

Can you think of other unusual things a real estate agent has helped you with?  I’m working on a post of other unique ways that a real estate agent can save you money for later in the week–would love to include your ideas if you have a cost-saving experience with a real estate agent.