Much belated cost-savings tips!

I got this great cost-savings tip today from my writer-friend Julie–who lives just 90 miles from me, but I actually met her in Ethiopia. (Go figure?)

Julie is a busy work-at-home mom with five delightful kiddos (mostly pre-teens the brave soul!).

Here’s her tip:

Here’s a budget conscious tid-bit we have done to save bucks…you can add it to your blog. We went back to bar soap instead of liquid. Not only is environmentally more friendly BUT you can buy 3 bar soaps @ Walgreens for $1.50 that will last 6 months) 10 liquid soaps for $10 that may last 2 months. This is what we have found in our house. We have transitioned back to the bar soaps all the way around. I wish Bath and Body Works would make bar soap instead of liquid. Anyhow…it’s worked for us.

Great tip Julie! Thanks for sharing it! Personally, I’m a big fan of pine-tar soap which is great for the shower and is also perfect for shampooing or shaving. (TMI perhaps?). The stuff is black-green in color and has an earthy-clean smell, but is really great for┬ásensitive┬áskin. Here’s a link for it at Amazon, but if you can’t find it in a store, the best place to look is a drugstore or a hardware store, like a country store. The kind the caters to old folks. (Ditto on the fels-namptha that I swear by).