Day 7: If you’re not budgeting yet…. do it!

Ok, this catches us up to Monday, and we’re almost back on financial-literacy track.

For those of you who are brave, empowered and socially-fearless, you might like to try the “twitter of budgets” (As I’m so-dubbing it). is a frightfully-social way of playing with your budget. I do think this could make budgeting fun for even the most carefree of souls.

Geezeo calls itself “Geezeo, the coolest, most fun way to look at your money without becoming one of those cheap people even you don’t want to hang out with.” (I take exception at that last part….)

I played with the site a bit today. They have a fantastic twitter-like feature called “confession booth” which you can either use with your own ID or anonymously to confess your financial indescretions and get back on track.

I’ll admit, I participated. I posted “Discovering that every time I get in the car seems like a good time for Starbucks. I’m thinking of filling my cupholders with concrete.” Ok, not too difficult. I wondered what others were saying and took a look at the feed… and I could read those all day! If you’re really brave, you can update Twitter from the “confession booth” if you’ve linked the two in your profile.

They have an aggregating feature which automatically downloads everything, excellent security credentials, and an “ask an expert” feature which I’m going to explore some more. Their blog also has some great posts including one today on four ways to save money on perscriptions. That’s a major expense in my household, so I’ll be studying up.

If you haven’t found our other budgeting solutions to your liking, give a try. It looks like a lot of fun!

Just my $.02.
  • Peter Glyman

    Thanks for checking out Geezeo! glad you like the confessions feature. We do have a lot of fun with it.

    Keep an eye our for our next release in a couple weeks…going to blow minds 😉