Fun Free Podcast

I’m not a big fan of talk radio (I find it too stressful). But I do like to listen on certian subjects, especially when the host is positive. I’ve found Dave Ramsey for free on iTunes and I’ve subscribed. It’s just one hour of his three-hour show, but it’s very educational and informative. My favorite part of the Dave Ramsey show is when people call up to scream “I’m Debt Free” when they pay off their debts (including their mortgage). It makes my day to hear people do their debt free scream. He also has some really funny expressions like “as long as you’re on this cabbbage truck, you might as well ride it” and “it’s time to paint or get off the ladder.”

Also, I’m subscribing to the Daily Audio Bible on iTunes, which is a “read the Bible in a year” kind of program. I’ve found them both great to listen to as I wash the dishes and do fold the wash in the evening.

  • sara l

    Glad you found a few podcasts that make you happy! I was listening to Dave Ramsey’s show the other day while waiting for a friend and it was invigorating-especially the people who had more debt and make much less than we do.