This just in: Shocking frugality

Wow. Here’s an article from my local news station about families getting really frugal and ::gasp:: doing their own house cleaning and lawn mowing.

Making the article even more comical, the subject is a stay-at-home mom who ditched her maid service, and stopped sending her husbands’ shirts to the cleaners. They now also do their own lawncare. The family has even started preparing their own meals. Seriously? What was she doing before? I’m a work at home mom (running a business and writing career from home) but I also do the housecleaning and cooking (with my husband’s help, of course). If I didn’t have the chores to do and my job I’m not sure what I’d do all day.

I don’t know about you, but my kids wouldn’t even want that much “quality time” with mom! Ha ha!

For those of us who are really trying to be frugal, this is a comical no-brainer.