7 Creative Ways Moving Experts Say to Cut Relocation Costs

Not only can moving be an incredibly stressful time in your life, but can also put a major dent in your wallet. Around here, we’re always looking for ways to save a few bucks. So when our family moved earlier this year, we scrounged up the best money-saving moving tips we could find. Here are some of the helpful ways we learned to make your next move a little more affordable:

1. Compare Quotes From Professional Movers

Before you hire a professional moving company, you should collect a few quotes from different companies. Each company should perform an in-home estimate in which they come to your home and inspect your belongings to give you an accurate quote. Keep in mind that if you’re moving out-of-state, the quote will be based on the approximate weight of your belongings. By comparing rates from multiple movers, Cheap Movers Las Vegas says you can find the one that offers the best value instead of settling for the first moving company you can find.

2. Try to Find Free Moving Boxes Before Buying Any

Unfortunately, moving boxes aren’t exactly cheap. Before purchasing your moving boxes and starting your packing, seek out free moving boxes from online stores and big name retailers, like Target or Walmart. You may also be able to find free moving supplies from Nextdoor.com, Craigslist, and Freecycle. If those options don’t pan out, you can also look around your town at your local grocery, liquor store, or schools in the area. You can also ask your friends and family if they would be willing to donate any moving supplies as well to help lower costs even more.

3. Get Rid of Items before Packing

Many moving companies calculate their prices based on the weight of your belongings. Therefore, if you have fewer belongings, your moving costs will be lower. So get rid of unused clothing, broken electronics, and unnecessary furniture before you start packing.

4. Hold a Yard Sale

Don’t simply toss out the items you do not want to bring with you, consider holding a yard sale. This way, you can save money on moving, as you will be bringing less, and you can make some money, too. Be sure to do this a few weeks in advance. Anything you don’t sell should be donated.

5. Be Flexible With Your Moving Date

This is one of the simplest ways as to save money during a move. By choosing the right moving date, you can save a bit of cash. Firstly, you should avoid moving during May to August as this is the peak moving season. Costs will likely be higher during these months. To get rid the lowest moving price possible, pick a moving date between September and April, during the middle of the month and the middle of the week. This is when demand is lower for moving companies which means your costs will be lower, too.

6. Do-It-Yourself

This is usually only a good option if you are moving a short distance or you feel comfortable traveling a long distance in an oversized truck. This certainly is not the best option for everybody, especially if you have a lot of belongings or you have never driven a larger vehicle before. However, if it is possible, undergoing a DIY move is a great way to save money on your relocation costs.

7. Save Your Receipts

Same of your moving expenses may be tax deductible, so be sure to keep all of your moving receipts. Check out the IRS Publication 521 to see which expenses qualify for deductions. Typically, you can deduct your moving costs if your moving date is related to the start date of a new job, and the move meets IRS distance and time test requirements.

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