Save your window screens from your cats!


I'm digging this nifty invention.  It snaps into your window screen and creates a cat door. This will be perfect at my house--we've got two windows that overlook our balcony, and the cats have just eaten right through the screen to provide the constant unrestrained access they want (jerks). I've … [Continue reading...]

Eight Things You Didn’t Know about Amazon Prime

If you're a regular online shopper with you've likely heard someone sing the praises of Amazon Prime, Amazon's annual subscription service allows for reduced shipping costs, access to the streaming video library and a host of other benefits you'll take months or years to discover. (I've … [Continue reading...]

Promo Code from Bigfish Games!

BigFish logo

Get a free game code to sample a Big Fish game. (Limited Quantities Available)

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Get Frozen on Half Price!

Get Frozen from at 50% off while you still can!

[Continue reading...] Black Friday Deals


I’m working on this year’s deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  I’ll be adding my favorites, and some links to shopping lists. My first piece of advice is to sign up for an Amazon Prime Free Trial for the holiday season–it’ll save you a bundle on shipping, and you can cancel it later if […]

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How To Find an Affordable Piano

Piano Keyboard

Photo by graur razvan ionut and Believe it or not, twice this month, I’ve been called upon to find a piano. And twice this month […] Continue Reading…

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{Review} Natural Dynamix Kids Vitamins


Disclosure: I was asked to review this product, and was given samples of the product, but have received no other compensation.  I was contacted last week by a rep for Natural Dynamix […] Continue Reading…

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Can You Save $1,000 by Cutting Your Vices?


Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Kelsey Libert (see bio below).  When I quit my job in October, I did it in the opposite way most people would […] Continue Reading…

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What I’ve Been Up To

Penny-Wise Logo

We had some radio silence around here starting the beginning of March. There’s a good reason–I dove headfirst into a 90 hour training course to get my real estate broker’s license–something I’ve […] Continue Reading…

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